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Titanium tetrabutanolate; Titanium(IV) n-butoxide; TNBT

Titanate coupling agent FD-TnPT
Product: FD-TnPT
Chemical Name: Tetrabutyl Titanate
CAS No.: 5593-70-4 
EINECS No.: 227-006-8
Corresponding other producer��s name: Dupont Tyzor TnBT
Appearance: Clorless to light-yellow liquid. Weak, alcohol-like odor.
Solubility in water: Slow decomposition
Melting Point: -55
Boiling Point: 310
Vapor Pressure: 11 (20 C)
Density: 0.993 g/cm3 (20 C)
Heat Of Vaporization: 112.4 kJ/mol
Heat Of Combustion: -11524 kJ/mol
Usage: Ester exchange reactions, heat-resistant paints (up to 500 deg c), improving adhesion of paints, rubber, and plastics to metal surfaces, cross linking agent, condensation catalyst.
Vapor Density: 11.7
Refractive Index: 1.4921 (20 C)

It is mainly used to improve performance of polyester lacquer, and prepare high temperature paint;
In cross linking reactions It can improve adhesion between adhesive and polymer and enhance adhesion of ink tosubstrate; It is also used as catalyst in rubber synthesis.

Packing: Packed with 5L, 20L, 210L plastic/steel drum or 1000L IBC container, also can be packed according to customer��s requirement.

Storage: Seal and store it in a cool, dry and ventilated place, keep moisture-proof and waterproof, far away from kindling material and heat source.  

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